Maximize ROI by Selling Surplus Liebert CRAC Units and Condensers in Ashburn, VA

Data center managers always seek ways to reduce expenses, enhance efficiency, and increase their return on investment, including sell surplus Liebert in Ashburn. A viable strategy for achieving these goals is selling surplus equipment. As a top-tier buyer of data center equipment in the United States, USA Decom can help sell surplus Liebert CRAC units and condensers in Ashburn with expertise and streamlined processes for maximizing ROI.

Sell Surplus Liebert in Ashburn

Sell surplus Liebert in Ashburn

Liebert CRAC units, or computer room air conditioners, play a crucial role in maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels in data centers. These units ensure that servers and other equipment operate optimally. Popular Liebert CRAC units sold to USA Decom include the Liebert CRAC XD, XDP, and XDV models, known for their energy efficiency and consistent performance.

Condensers, another vital component in data centers, work to dissipate heat from CRAC units and other equipment, maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels. USA Decom frequently purchases condensers such as the Liebert Condenser XD, XDP, and XDV models.

For those data center operators in Ashburn, VA, or nearby cities and counties like Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William, selling surplus Liebert CRAC units and condensers to USA Decom is an excellent choice. USA Decom offers competitive prices for used equipment and streamlines the process of selling surplus equipment. They even manage the logistics of equipment removal and transportation.

Selling surplus data center equipment to USA Decom offers several benefits:

  1. Maximize equipment value: With a broad network of buyers, USA Decom ensures you receive the best price for your surplus equipment.
  2. Save on storage costs: Selling surplus equipment frees up valuable storage space within your data center.
  3. Minimize environmental impact: Repurposing or recycling surplus equipment helps reduce the environmental footprint of data centers.
  4. Upgrade to the latest equipment: Use proceeds from selling surplus equipment to invest in newer, more efficient technology for your data center.

To sell surplus Liebert CRAC units and condensers in Ashburn, consider USA Decom. Their expertise in offering competitive prices for used equipment and their streamlined selling process makes them a top choice. Reach out to them today to learn how they can help maximize the value of your surplus equipment.


In conclusion, selling surplus Liebert CRAC units and condensers to USA Decom provides numerous benefits for data center managers, including maximizing equipment value, cutting storage costs, decreasing environmental impact, and upgrading to newer equipment. For those in Ashburn, VA, and surrounding areas, USA Decom is a trusted option, known for offering fair prices and simplifying the process. About USA Decom: USA Decom is a leading buyer of data center equipment, offering additional services such as data center decommissioning, recycling, and asset recovery. Contact USA Decom to learn more.

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