Generators often hold substantial value and can therefore help “pay” for a data center decommissioning project. Although selling your generator can provide a boon to the project finances, it can also be the most difficult, potentially dangerous, and costly item to remove from your site. Let the professionals handle your removal – sell your used industrial generator to USA Decom.


It all starts with you sending pictures and key information about your generator to us. If you can’t travel or don’t have someone onsite, we can go to the site and get the pictures and relevant details. We evaluate the generator and make a fair, solid offer.

Once we agree on a price, our team manages the entire generator removal process: from draining the fuel, prepping the enclosure, working with the riggers and crane company to develop a lift plan, to finally loading the generator onto the flatbed truck.

We collaborate with your company to successfully decommission and remove your generator. Whether you only sell us a single generator or work with us to manage your data center decommission project and the removal of several 2 MHz gensets, USA Decom is the right partner to remove your generators.

Here is a list of just a few of the generators we buy:

  • CAT 3304
  • CAT 3306
  • CAT 3406
  • CAT 3412, CAT 3412B, CAT 3412C
  • CAT 3512, CAT 3512B, CAT 3512C
  • CAT 3516, CAT 3516B, CAT 3516C
  • CAT C Series Engines
  • Cummins QSB5 and Cummins QSB7
  • Cummins QSK23, Cummins QSK50 and QSK60
  • Cummins QST30
  • Cummins QSX15

If you have something on the list above that you want to sell or something else, call or email us now!