we want to buy your ups

Sell and Remove your UPS

We want to buy your Industrial UPS. After agreeing on a price with you, USA Decom will disconnect your UPS from building power, remove your batteries and remove your UPS. Call us today to discuss selling your UPS today.

we pay top dollar for used industrial UPS units

USA Decom manages the entire used UPS removal process: from disconnecting the UPS from building power to disconnecting and palletizing the batteries, we manage every step of the UPS removal. Our team will rig the UPS out of your building and load it onto our truck for shipping.

We work with your company to successfully decommission and remove your UPS.  Whether you only sell us a single 20 kVA UPS or have our team manage the data center decommission project and the removal of several 800 kVA units, USA Decom is the right partner to remove your UPS.

Some of the UPSs we are interested in buying and removing include:

  • Eaton 93PM and 9PX
  • Eaton 9150
  • Eaton 9155
  • Eaton 9315
  • Eaton 9320
  • Eaton 9330
  • Eaton 9355
  • Eaton 9390
  • Eaton 9395
  • Toshiba UPSs larger than 20kVA
  • Mitsubishi UPSs larger than 20kVA
  • Most Liebert UPSs larger than 20kVA
  • Some MGE and APC units

Sell your UPS to USA Decom today.  Call or email us now.


UPS Batteries - removal and decommissioning

Equipment we buy


Our data center decommission team will drain the fuel, disconnect the ATS, and remove your generator. 


Our decommission project team will buy our UPS and rig it out of your data center. 



The USA Decom team will safely disconnect, palletize and remove your batteries.


Data center cooling

Our mechanical team will decommission your data center CRAC and condensing units and remove them from the building.


PDU Units

All PDU units will be safed-off and professionally rigged from the data center floor.

Computer Room Raised Flooring

The raised access floor and associated subfloor will be de-installed, palletized and remove from the data center environment.

Electrical Switchgear

Our data center decommission team will review your electrical one-line drawings, safe-off equipment to be removed, and decommission your electrical lineups.

Fire Suppression Gas

The data center decommissioning team will safely disconnect and remove your Halon or FM200 suppression system.


Office Furniture

From cubicles and seating, to all of your file cabinets and tables, our decommission specialists will deinstall and remove all of your furniture.

  • We Buy most data center and facility infrastructure equipment