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How to decommission a data center

A data center decommission project takes takes an experienced team to be completed properly – safely, quickly and within budget.  USA Decom will be your valued partner as you go down this exciting path.  

How to Plan for a data center decommissioning project

Decommissioning a data center can be a challenge if you don’t plan properly.  To be successful, it’s imperative that your team follow these key steps:

    1. Inventory all assets including generators, UPSs, batteries, CRAC units, raised flooring, electrical switchgear, etc.
    2. Review your lease documents.
    3. Determine which assets must be removed and what renovations must take place.
    4. Develop a scope of work.
    5. Remove all equipment.
    6. Renovate space per scope documents.
    7. Develop a punch list during walk-through with property manager.
    8. Complete project and return space to landlord.

USA Decom can help you and your company figure out how to decommission a data center.  We will perform all of the above steps and allow you to focus on where your company is moving to, not where you came from.

Get started with our experienced data center decommissioning company to help you with your project – call or email us today.

Generator Buy and Sell
Data Center Decommissioning

Site Shutdown

USA Decom performs a complete site audit and will put together a plan to shutdown your office building or complete campus.

Interior demolition

Work with USA Decom to identify all assets to remove as well as what items to demo - furniture, walls, ceiling grid, carpet, remaining equipment from when a previous tenant left.

Sell us Your Assets

We buy or can help remove all assets from your building:  generators, UPSs, batteries, electrical switchgear, and furniture are just a few.

Facility decommissioning services

USA Decom can manage your next facility exit.  We'll help you stay on budget and beat the deadlines.  Count on our team to help you successfully complete your project.

Call Center Shut Down

We can remove all of your cubicles, seating, training room and office furniture as well as repaint and repair the walls. We are the complete solution for all of your call center decommissioning needs.

We Buy Generators

USA Decom purchases generators. We buy CAT, Cummins, Kohler, Generac, Detroit Diesel, Kato and many other generators.

Data center decommissioning

Our team will survey your data center and present detailed scope documents, a comprehensive infrastructure inventory, and a proposed schedule. We offer a turnkey service to complete your entire project.

We Buy UPS units

USA Decom buys Eaton, Liebert, APC, MGE, Mitsubishi and Toshiba UPS units.  We buy surplus UPS that are 0-7 years old and larger than 20kVA.  Send us details about your equipment and we can make an offer and do the removal.