Data Center Asset Recovery Services

USA Decom specializes in providing comprehensive asset recovery services for your used data center equipment. We focus on Data Center Asset Recovery Services, ensuring maximum value extraction from your infrastructure. Trust us to handle the efficient and profitable recovery of your equipment.

Electrical Infrastructure:

  • Generators: We are interested in purchasing a wide range of industrial units from top manufacturers, including CAT, Cummins, Generac, MTU, Detroit Diesel, Kohler, and Kato.
  • UPS and Related Batteries: Sell us your Eaton, Toshiba, Liebert, Mitsubishi, APC, and MGE UPSs along with their associated batteries.
  • Electrical Equipment: We are eager to acquire various components such as breakers, panel boxes, transformers, PDUs (Power Distribution Units), complete switchgear lineups, and MCC (Motor Control Center) cabinets.

Mechanical Infrastructure:

  • CRAC Units: We assess and purchase both upflow and downflow units from renowned brands such as Liebert and Stulz.
  • Miscellaneous Heating and Cooling Equipment: If you have cooling towers, chillers, boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, or motors available, we are interested in acquiring them.

Data Center Infrastructure:

  • Server Racks: We are always in search of large quantities of matching server racks.
  • Computer Room Raised Flooring: Our interest extends to all types of raised flooring, especially those exceeding 1000 square feet and equipped with at least 18″ tall pedestals.
  • Fire Suppression System: We actively buy and remove fire suppression gases, including Halon 1301, Halon 1211, and FM200.

USA Decom offers flexibility in our asset recovery process. You can choose to sell your equipment to us as you decommission your data center, and we’ll handle the logistics of loading our trucks. Alternatively, we can provide the necessary labor and expertise to ensure the safe removal and loading of the equipment.

Let USA Decom take care of your asset recovery needs as part of your data center decommissioning project. Contact us today by phone or email to get started. Benefit from our extensive industry experience and maximize the value of your used infrastructure equipment.