Datacenter Decommission

Decommissioning Services

  • Data Center Decommissioning
  • Site Shutdown
  • Facility Decommissioning
  • Interior Demolition
  • Sell Your Infrastructure Assets

Data Center Decommissioning

Our team will survey your data center and create a complete detailed scope document with a comprehensive infrastructure equipment inventory and proposed schedule.

Facility Shutdown Services

USA Decom will perform a complete site audit and put together a plan to decommission your office building or complete campus.

Interior Demolition

Work with USA Decom to identify all assets to remove as well as what items to demo – furniture, walls, ceiling grid, carpet, remaining equipment from when a tenant left.

Sell Your Infrastructure Assets

We buy and can help remove all assets from your building: generators, UPSs, batteries, electrical switchgear, and furniture are just a few of the types of equipment we buy.

Datacenter Decommission

Equipment we Buy


Our data center decommission team will drain the fuel, disconnect the ATS, and remove your generator. 


Our team will buy your UPS and remove it from your data center. 


The USA Decom team will safely disconnect, palletize and remove your batteries.


Data center cooling

Our mechanical team will decommission your data center CRAC and condensing units and remove them from the building.


PDU Units

All PDU units will be safed-off and professionally rigged from the data center floor.

Computer Room Raised Flooring

The raised access floor and associated subfloor will be de-installed, palletized and removed from the data center environment.

Electrical Switchgear

Our data center decommission team will review your electrical one-line drawings, safe-off equipment to be removed, and decommission your electrical gear.

Fire Suppression Gas

The data center decommissioning team will safely disconnect and remove your Halon 1301 or FM200 suppression system.


Office Furniture

From cubicles and seating to all of your file cabinets and tables, our decommission specialists will deinstall and remove all of your furniture.

Decommission Data Center

What To Expect

Whether you are selling a generator or decommissioning a large data center, all of our projects have common threads.


Safety is our first priority.  We ensure our team has the correct tools, proper and update-to-date training, as well as oversight to prevent accidents and injuries.

Quick Project Execution

We aim to turn around proposals quick and can deploy to your site with no delay to help you meet deadlines.


Our project managers and labor teams have been working together, in many cases, for more than 15 years.  Their combined experience helps ensure a safe and successful project.

Clear Statement of Work

You’ll receive concise scope of work documents that clearly map out tasks that our team will accomplish to help you meet your goals.

Straight Forward Pricing

Based on expected scope, USA Decom proposals are fixed charge or fixed payment so you have clear budget expectations before the project begins.


Just checking to see if you are paying attention.  Yes, we mention ‘safety’ twice because we know how important it’s to you… and you can be sure it’s important to us.